School team & Interest Course


Suitable age: 6 years old or above


Time: 1 hour / 1.5 hours / 2 hours per session



Course content: 


-Specially set up for the table tennis school teams of each school, according to the level of students in each school, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and discover more potential seedling players.


-Provide systematic, diversified and professional table tennis guidance services.


-Adhering to the spirit of "teaching without discrimination", the goal is to promote the development of students' five educations of "moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic".


-Teaching by example, gradually impart offensive and defensive skills, strategy and psychological adjustment, etc., never spoil the growth.


- Tailor-made routine exercises, plus different competition modes such as lifting competitions, group round-robin competitions, etc., to increase their actual combat experience, so that students can quickly improve their personal skills, and have repeatedly achieved good results in academic competitions.