Adult Vitality Enhance Table Tennis Course 


Suitable age: 18 years old or above


Teacher-student ratio: about 1 vs 3-5


Time: 1.5 hours per class



Start time:


Every Monday 7:30pm -9:00pm

Every Wednesday 8:00-9:30pm

Every Thursday 8:30-10:00pm


*Self-organized class: You can customize the time


Course content:

- Taught by experienced coaches, the course goes from simple to deep, thoroughly analyzing your existing technical defects or deficiencies, so as to improve your golf skills.

- Table tennis can exercise the muscle activity and strength of the whole body. It can also train endurance, improve body shape, and train joint coordination and agility. It is a sport suitable for all ages.

- Contents include: footwork, physical fitness, various servings, movement adjustments, game tactics, etc.